​​Important Note: As our forms are often updated to include new legislative requirements, please use the electronic forms on this website OR obtain forms from the Council (rather than re-using old versions that you may hold).


Form 2 - Application for Subdivision Consent (PDF, 1MB) 

Land use​

Form 1 - Application for Land Use Resource Consent (PDF, 1MB)

Form 7 - Application for Forming Legal Road Land Use Resource Consent (PDF, 293KB)

Form 1R - Application for Relocating Buildings (PDF, 480KB)

Form 1S - Application for Signage Land use Resource Consent (PDF, 418KB)

Supplementary application forms

If your activity includes any of the following, you should also fill out the appropriate supplementary forms below.

​Hazardous substances Form 1A - Hazardous Substances (PDF, 139KB)
​Commercial activities Form 1B - Commercial Activities (PDF, 82KB)
Heritage areas, items or features Form 1E - Heritage (PDF, 79KB)
​Historic trees Form 1F - Historic Trees (PDF, 170KB)

Deemed permitted boundary activity

If your building activity or project is close to an internal boundary and you have the neighbouring owner/s written approval, you may apply for a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity. You will need to include a site plan signed by the neighbouring owner/s with your application. 

​This application replaces the need to apply for a resource consent for your proposed activity. You may still need to apply for a building consent.

 Form 4B​ - Deemed Permitted Boundary - Affected Party Approval Form (PDF, 149KB)

Form 8 - Application Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity (PDF, 633KB)

Form 9 - Request for Marginal or Temporary Activity​ (PDF, 631KB)    

Affected parties

 Form 4 - Affected Party Approval Form (PDF, 127KB)

Plan changes

 Form 6 - Plan Change Application Declaration (PDF, 46KB) 

Resource consent variation or cancellation of conditions

If you already have resource consent, and wish to apply for a variation or cancellation of conditions, please complete the following form:

Form 3 - Change or Cancellation of Consent Conditions (PDF, 307KB)

Resource consent declaration form

If you would pref​er not to use the Grey District Council's resource consent application forms, then you still must fill out the following form in order for your application to be considered complete:

Form 5 - Resource Consent Application Declaration (PDF, 443KB)

National Environmental Standard (NES) Plantation Forestry Regulations 2017

The NES applies to afforestation, harvesting, replanting, all associated earthworks, forestry quarrying, mechanical land preparation, and associated indigenous and non-indigenous vegetation clearance.​

Notice NE​S-PF (PDF, 367KB)

For all written notices of plantation forestry activities, please send emails to  ​

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