COVID-19 Rates Relief

​​​​​Grey District Council have been looking how it can help people who are under financial pressure due to COVID-19. At its meeting on 23 April 2020, two ways in which Council could provide relief to the affected members of our community were adopted: rates postponement and rates remissions.

We are aware that for some people and businesses, payment of rates will be difficult or will cause hardship and we have put these mechanisms in place to help alleviate some of the pressure at a time which is already stressful for many. We encourage anyone facing difficulty in paying their rates to contact the Rates Department early to discuss how we might be able to help and make a plan.

Draft Rates Postponement Policy

Council adopted a draft Rates Postponement Policy, which is now out for public consultation. The purpose of this policy is to allow for rates postponements by long term property owner-occupiers so they can continue living in their home or operating from their commercial premises when they do not have the financial capacity to pay their rates or where the payment of rates would create financial hardship.

The proposed Rates Postponement Policy has been designed to cover both residential and commercial ratepayers. The eligibility criteria set out in the policy takes into account the ratepayer’s ability to pay their rates and whether this will create financial hardship. It also includes criteria under which the postponement will cease to apply, for example the ratepayer ceases to own or occupy the rating unit or until a date specified at the time of granting the postponement. Further information can be found in the relevant agenda item, which can be downloaded below.

Agenda Item - Rates Postponement Policy - Consultation of​​​​​

Please take a look at the draft policy and have your say by 13 May 2020You can rea​d the draft Rates Postponement Policy and make a submission here.​​​

Rates Remissions

​The remission of the current instalment penalty and annual penalty and a change in due date of the current rates instalment is available for eligible people or businesses who have experienced a decrease in revenue.

Eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • Loss of employment or reduction in income of more than 20%; or
  • A commercial business where that business has had a minimum decline in revenue of 30% compared to the same time last year.

This will provide immediate relief to those people who need it. For more information, please read the relevant agenda item from the Council meeting below.

Agenda item - Covid-19 Rates Remission​​

If you wish to apply for a rates remission, please complete the online form below. Alternatively, you can print and complete the paper form and put in the dropbox outside Council's main door at 105 Tainui Street, Greymouth.

Rates remission application form​​​​

Online Application: Rates Remission

Is the property residential or commercial?
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