How to Pay Your Rates


Council sends out quarterly rates invoices to ratepayers. Each instalment is one quater of the total annual rates and invoices are issued every three months.

​One​1 July - 30 September​1 August​31 August
​Two​1 October - 31 December​1 November​30 November
​Three​1 January - 31 March​1 February​29 February
​Four​1 April - 30 June​1 May​31 May

Payment options

There are various methods available for paying rates (and other Grey District Council accounts).

In person: cash, EFTPOS and Visa or Mastercard. Payments in person can be made at the:

  • Grey District Council offices, 105 Tainui Street, Greymouth, 8.30am - 4.30pm
  • Runanga Service Centre, Carroll Street, Runanga, 8.30am - 12.30pm.

Other methods: direct debit, telebanking, internet banking, automatic payment or by credit card over the internet.

For electronic payments, Grey District Council's bank account number can be found on the reverse of your rates invoice or by contacting us. Please use the word "RATES" and your Assessment Number as a reference to ensure your payment can be receipted correctly (your Assessment number can be found on your remittance advice). When paying by internet or telephone banking, please make your payment at least three working days prior to the due date to allow sufficient time for processing.

On-line credit card payments: You can pay your Grey District Council account (rates/other debtors) online using your credit card.  Click here to see full terms and conditions and to go to another website that will process the transaction. Note: A convenience fee applies to online credit card payments.

Rates easypay - direct debit: Direct debits can be arranged to pay your rates from your bank account on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. If there are any changes to your rates, they will be adjusted automatically and notification sent to you – you do not have to visit the bank to make the change. When there is a change in property ownership, the direct debit is automatically cancelled upon receipt of the sale notice from the solicitor. If you sell your property and purchase a new one, you must arrange a new direct debit. Direct debits may incur penalties if they are missed or dishonoured. You will need to make manual payments to make up any dishonoured payments. Forms are available from Council offices or can be downloaded below, completed and returned to Council offices.

 Grey District Council direct debit form (PDF, 67KB)

Please use the following reference details on your direct debit form:

  • Payer Code: Rates
  • Payer Reference: Your Assessment Number, eg 503486 (you will find this six digit number starting with '5' on your rates invoice)

Early payment discount

A 2.5% discount will apply where all due rates are paid in full, together with any outstanding prior years' rates and penalties, by 5pm on the due date for payment of the first instalment. ​

Page reviewed: 15 Mar 2021 9:36am