Maintenance & Fixtures


Units are provided with electric stoves, a heater of sufficient capacity to warm the main living areas and outlets for washing machines.

All other fittings such as refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, additional heaters, etc are the responsibility of the tenants.

Carpets and drapes

Carpets and drapes are also provided by tenants and it is common practice for outgoing tenants to negotiate with incoming tenants on the purchase of these. Should incoming tenants wish to provide these items themselves, or if agreement is unable to be reached on the existing carpets and drapes, then outgoing tenants shall remove the carpets and drapes when their tenancies end.


Council insures the units for replacement value and tenants are responsible for arranging insurance cover on their furniture and contents. Tenants will be required to arrange for and keep their own insurance protection in place and evidence of this will be a pre-requisite for renting a flat.


Council will mow lawns and landscaped areas and gardens which it has provided. Tenants may develop small plots for vegetables or plants at their cost adjacent to their units. If these plots are subsequently no longer required, the areas will be reinstated in grass or bark.

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