Bridge Speed and Weight Limits

​Notification of weight and/or speed limits of bridges

Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974, Regulation 11

Date of notice: 15 December 2020.

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Regulation 11(3) of the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974, the Grey District Council has fixed the following maximum weight and/or speed limits for heavy motor vehicles and combinations, including a heavy motor vehicle, on the bridges(s) described hereunder:

(kg or % Class 1)
Black CreekNicholas RoadTaramakau SettlementAxle 5,000kg 
Gross 50% Class 1
Camerons No.2New River RoadCamerons30 kph
Candlelight CreekGreymouth Kotuku RoadCandlelight60% Class 1 
Clear Creek No.1Taramakau Settlement RoadTaramakau Settlement80% Class 1 
Crooked River No.3Cashmere Bay RoadTe Kinga 70% Class 1 
Deep Creek No.1Bell Hill RoadBell Hill 80% Class 1 
Duffers CreekGranville RoadTotara FlatMax Load 2,500kg 
Hall CreekNotown RoadNotown30 kph
Little FushiaCape Terrace RoadCape Terrace 40% Class 1 
Orwell Creek OverflowNapoleon StreetAhaura60% Class 1 with Maximum Axle Weight Limit 5,000 kg 
Potts Creek No.3Saddlers AccessNelson Creek60% Class 110 kph
Rough & Tumble Creek Bell Hill  Bell Hill RoadBell Hill80% Class 1 
Rough & Tumble Creek Notown RoadNotown RoadNotown50% Class 1 
Thomas CreekOrwell Creek RoadAhaura60% Class 1 
Rapahoe Beach AccessRapahoe Beach AccessRapahoeLight vehicles only  Max Load 2,000kg​ 
Stillwater OverbridgeTaylorville RoadStillwater 30 kph
William Stewart​Kumara - Inchbonnie Road​Kumara​50% Class 1
​Rough River Bridge​Atarau Road​Atarau​30kph

Attention is drawn to the applicable penalties and infringement fees set out in Schedule 1A or Part 3 of Schedule 1B of the Land Transport (Offences and Penalties) Regulations 1999, which apply to infringements of these limits.​​

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