Frost Marker Trial

From Monday 8 May 2017 Council began a trial of SolarBright PATeye frost markers in several locations around the Grey District.

An adaptation of the common ‘catseye’, the PATeye is a unique solar powered device that provides a visual warning against freezing hazards. The reflective marker is activated when the ground temperature is zero degrees or below - blue LED lights will start flashing to signal to the driver to proceed with caution. This type of technology is especially useful for black ice, which is not always visible to the naked eye.

These new warning devices will be trialled in the following areas:

  • Taylorville Road
  • Blackball Road
  • Atarau Road
  • Lake Brunner Road
  • Lake Haupiri Road
PATeye Frost Marker

It is hoped these new devices will make our roads safer during the sometimes treacherous winter driving conditions. People are urged to always proceed with caution when driving during the colder months and some handy hints for safe winter driving can be found on our website,

These devices have already been successfully trialled and implemented in other locations within the lower South Island. Council plans to evaluate the effectiveness of the PATeye after the 2017 winter season, provided it gets cold enough for them to be activated, and will determine if any other areas would benefit from their use.

'Slow Down for Blue Frost Markers' road sign 

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