RAPID Numbers


What are RAPID numbers?

Rural Address Property IDentification system or RAPID is a nationwide system for numbering rural properties. In essence, the RAPID number becomes the Property Address. This means that any previous number being used by a property owner/resident is no longer valid and needs to be replaced with the new RAPID number.

An example of how the number on the peg appears looks like this:

ARVY 0124

This translates to mean the property address is:

124 Arnold Valley Road

How RAPID numbers are allocated

The number itself is allocated based on a fairly simple system of measuring the distance along a road from the start to the property access/driveway. Every 20m length of road has two available possible numbers, one odd number for the left side, and one even number for the right side. The final number is then stuck onto a BLUE marker peg and installed at the driveway close to the boundary line or close to an existing mail box.

In developing this system Council staff considered various options for the exact format of the number as it appears on the final peg and came up with the following system. As you look at your RAPID number you will see a combination of four letters and four numbers, The four letters at the start are an abbreviation of the road name your property is on, eg ATAR = Atarau Road, ARVY = Arnold Valley Road etc. The numbers indicate the distance you are from the start of that road, eg 0012 = 120m, 0245 = 2.45km, 3241 = 32.41km. Leading zero's have been used to help identify if any numbers have come off a peg and aren't part of the final number.

Why use RAPID numbers?

In the past, there have been several numbering systems used on some of our main roads. This has caused problems for postal delivery and emergency services (Police, Fire and Ambulance), especially when you have "Main Road" being used for the road name and the numbers start and stop at each end of a town. In past towns like Kaiata, Dobson and Stillwater all had "Main Road" as the name used for the State Highway running through them, they also had individual numbering systems that started and stopped for the residential properties. That means they all had a "1 Main Rd", or a "6 Main Rd". This can cause great confusion especially when the emergency services dispatcher is in Christchurch and isn't familiar with our district.

With the new RAPID system if you were to (for example) request an ambulance to 462 State Highway 7 Dobson, the ambulance officers know to travel 4.62km from Greymouth towards Dobson and look for a blue peg with "S7DO 0462" on it. The new system has been devised in order to Save Time & Save Lives.

How do the local emergency services know where I live?

As part of the process of allocating all the numbers, we also have a GPS reading taken at all the properties we allocate numbers to. From that data we then begin a process of mapping the exact location of all the numbers we allocate into our Geographical Information System (GIS). This then enables us to create a program which we have since supplied to both Fire and Ambulance Services in Greymouth. (We haven't as yet come to any arrangements with the Police for access to the data, but are working on something).

That means that if you give the full details of the RAPID number to the call centre staff in Christchurch they can then relay that information to the local Fire or Ambulance officers who can then check their system to see exactly where you are. This is why it is very important for you to know what your number is.

Who asks for or uses RAPID numbers?

With the majority of the country now using some form of RAPID numbering system for properties, pretty much all the major service providers ask for and use RAPID numbers when responding to a service request. That includes the following: Telecom, Trustpower, Police, Fire, Ambulance, Registrar of Electors, NZ Post, LINZ, Stats NZ, Sky TV, some Real Estate Agents, some Couriers. And many more…

How do I go about getting a RAPID number?

To get a new RAPID number you will need to contact the Assets Management & Engineering Department of Council, phone 03 769 8611. Details you will need to have handy are:

  • Valuation number
  • Details of your section, ie Lot Number, DP Number, etc
  • Location of your property
  • Your contact details, ie phone number etc

We can then make up a peg and install it for you.

Who then gets notified?

Once we have allocated a new number we will then send a notification to LINZ (Land Information NZ) and GDC Rates Officer. Periodically we will also update the Fire and Ambulance systems.

If we have changed your existing number we will notify: NZ Post, Registrar of Electors, LINZ and GDC Rates Officer.

In past we have offered to notify Telecom and Trustpower as well but no longer do this as it causes too many problems - this is something that the bill payer needs to action.

What do the four letters at the start of the number mean?

Those four letters as mentioned earlier are an abbreviation of the road name. Instead of using the full name Council staff decided to use a logical abbreviation instead. Those abbreviations are listed below:

Ahaura Kopara Rd = AHKOMoonlight Rd = MNLT
Alcorn Rd = ALCNNapoleon Street West = NAPO
Arnold Valley Rd = ARVYNeilsons Rd = NEIL
Atarau Rd = ATARNew River Rd = NWRV
Austin Rd = AUSTNicholas Rd = NICH
Baty Place = BATYNoname Rd = NONM
Bell Hill Rd = BELLNotown Rd = NOTN
Blair Rd = BLAIOgilvie Rd = OGIL
Burke Rd = BURKOmoto Valley Rd = OMOT
Caledonian Rd = CALEOrwell Creek Rd = ORWE
Camerons Rd = CAMERed Jacks Rd = RDJK
Camptown Rd = CAMPRiverview Rd = RIVW
Cape Terrace Rd = CAPERoa Rd = ROAR
Cargill Rd = CARGRutherglen Rd = RTHG
Carters Rd = CARTRutherglen New River Rd = RGNR
Cashmere Bay Rd = CASHSaltwater Creek Rd = SALT
Centre Rd = CNTRSawmill Lane = SAWM
Clifton Rd = CLFTSchool Drive = SCHD
Coopers Rd = COOPShellback Rd = SHLB
Coulson Rd = COULSids Rd = SIDS
Craigieburn Rd = CRAGSlaty Creek Rd = SLAT
Croesus Track Rd = CROESpring Creek Rd = SPCR
Dredge Rd = DRDGStation Rd = STAT
Drennans Rd = DRENTaramakau Settlement Rd = TRMK
Glen Rd = GLENTaylorville Rd = TYVL
Golden Sands Rd = GLDSTaylorville Blackball Rd = TLVB
Goldtown Rd = GLDTTrigon Rd = TRIG
Golf Links Rd = GLFLTrigon Rd West = TRGW
Gows Creek Rd = GOWSWaikori Rd = WAIK
Granville Rd = GVLLWaipuna Rd = WAIP
Granville Rd West = GVLWWaiwhero Rd = WAIW
Greymouth Kotuku Rd = GMKOWallace Rd = WLLC
Haupiri Rd = HAUPWallis Rd = WLLS
Heaphy Rd = HPHYWarren Rd = WRRN
Hodgekinson Rd = HODGWatterson Rd = WATT
Kamahi Place = KAMAWelshmans Rd = WLSH
Kangaroo Creek Rd = KGCRSHWY 6 Punakaiki = S6PU
Kellars Rd = KELLSHWY 6 Barrytown = S6BA
Kotuku Bell Hill Rd = KOBHSHWY 6 Coast Road = S6CR
Kumara Inchbonnie Rd = KMINSHWY 6 Rapahoe = S6RA
Lake Brunner Rd = LKBRSHWY 6 Runanga = S6RU
Lake View Terrace = LKVWSHWY 6 Coal Creek = S6CC
Lees Ferry Rd = LSFRSHWY 7 Totara Flat = S7TF
Limestone Rd = LIMESHWY 7 Ahaura = S7AH
Logburn Rd = LOGBSHWY 7 Ngahere = S7NG
Maori Creek Rd = MAOCSHWY 7 Stillwater = S7ST
Maori Gully Rd = MAOGSHWY 7 Dobson = S7DO
Marsden Rd = MARSSHWY 7 Kaiata = S7KI
Marsden New River Rd = MRNRSHWY 7 Omoto = S7OM
Matai Rd = MATRSHWY 6 Paroa = S6PA
McArthur Rd = MCARSHWY 6 Gladstone = S6GL
McLean Pit Rd = MCLPSHWY 6 Camerons = S6CA
Mill Rd = MILL

What are the numbers on the road name signs?

As an integral part of this whole RAPID numbering process we also updated many of our old road name signs. Instead of simply the road name only, all new rural signs have the RAPID number range for that section of road included. They also indicate the direction the numbers run so you can locate numbers faster over long roads. Signs at the ends of a road have the full number range included, intermediate signs at intersections have partial number ranges to indicate number direction only.

Who replaces the peg if it gets damaged or stolen?

Because Council has implemented this system, it has been decided that Council will supply new pegs and numbers free of charge. If for whatever reason your peg is damaged or goes missing, please contact the Assets & Engineering Department (phone + 64 3 769 8611) and ask to speak to the person in charge of RAPID Numbering, or alternatively leave your name, contact details and address.

Why are there no blue pegs until after Saltwater Creek at Paroa?

Paroa and South Beach missed out on getting RAPID pegs installed because the existing numbers matched the RAPID numbers perfectly and it's now being considered more and more to be part of town itself. When that happens we can get away with standard street numbering. South of Saltwater creek however things become more spread out and there was one or two wrongly allocated numbers, so we carried on where Paroa left off.​

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