Temporary Road Closures

Roads in the Grey District can be temporarily closed for events that will disrupt traffic such as parades, markets, cycle events, public events etc or where a road or part of a road needs to be temporarily closed. 

Timeline and cost to process road closure application

You must apply to the Grey District Council for consent to temporarily close a road at least eight (8) weeks before the event to meet advertising deadlines.

Council has to advertise the proposed temporary road closure six (6) weeks before the event. This allows 28 days for any public submissions. Provided there are no objections, and Council approves the temporary closure, Council will place a final advert in the Grey Star 24 hours before the event.

Council accepts responsibility for arranging the advertising but all advertising costs are to be paid by the event organiser.

The event organiser is responsible for the actual physical road closure and obtaining all other necessary consents from Council, such as use of Council land, sale of liquor, sale of food and rubbish disposal etc.

If you wish to apply for a temporary road closure, please complete the following form and return to Council for processing:

 Application for Temporary Road Closure Consent (PDF, 83KB)

Event organiser responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities detailed above, the event organiser must also:

  • Accept financial liability for any damage from the special event that is caused to the roads, bridges or any road furniture and utilities forming part of the roads.
  • Contact all property owners or occupiers adjacent to the roads to be temporarily closed and advise them of the event to be held.
  • Provide a proposed Temporary Traffic Management Plan for Council approval as well as provide traffic marshals if required in the Traffic Management Plan.
  • Employ a contractor to provide and set up signs and barriers.
  • Obtain adequate public liability insurance for the event.

When can the road be closed?

Subject to receiving approval from the Council, you can only close the road on the date and time specified on your application. ​

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