Hazardous Materials

Large quantities of hazardous waste are not permitted to be disposed of in Council landfills, however Council does accept domestic quantities of hazardous waste at McLeans Pit Landfill for storage in a secure bunded area until such time as it is collected by a suitably qualified contractor for appropriate safe disposal.

​Bitumen products​Oil
​Caustic wastes​Paint
​Hazardous inorganic chemicals​Scheduled poisons
  • Never bury hazardous materials as they may contaminate ground water that you drink.
  • Never pour hazardous wastes into a river, stream, sewer, storm-water drain or onto the ground.
  • Don't burn plastics, rubber, aerosol containers or treated timber as this can produce toxins that can contaminate the environment.

Companies which may be able to assist with the disposal of hazardous waste are:

  • John Larcombe, Tredi NZ Ltd, Blenheim, Ph 03 578 9622
  • Solvent Refiners Ltd, Christchurch, Ph 03 323 7153, Fax 03 389 4415
  • Chemwaste Industries Ltd, Christchurch, Ph 03 384 5435, Fax 03 384 0318

If you see a hazardous substance spill or are responsible for a spill, phone the West Coast Regional Council IMMEDIATELY on 03 768 0466.​

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