Refuse Bag Collection

​Properties outside of the kerbside recycling route (i.e. all areas outside of central Greymouth, the CBD, Cobden, Blaketown, Karoro and South Beach) need to put out refuse bags for collection.


Properties on the refuse collection route will be issued with refuse ties each year. These ties must be tied around the neck of the rubbish bag placed out for collection or the bag will not be picked up.

Vouchers for the ties are sent to ratepayers in late June/July and they can be redeemed in our office or by returning to us in the pre-paid envelope supplied asking for the ties to be mailed out to a nominated address.

Note: The voucher is sent to the owner/ratepayer of the property, so if you rent the property you will need to contact your landlord to get the ties for the property you are living in.


Refuse bags should be put by 8am on collection day to ensure they are picked up.


  • Only standard refuse bags (approx. 800 mm long by 350 mm wide) from retail outlets will be accepted for pick up. Note: Council's refuse collection rate does not include the supply of refuse bags - you will need to purchase your own.
  • The weight limit is 15kg per bag.
  • Bags without the official ties will be left with a sticker placed on them reminding the occupant of collection conditions.
  • Overweight bags will be left and stickers placed on them reminding the occupant of collection conditions.

To find out which day your refuse bag will be collected, check out the refuse bag collection days section.

Page reviewed: 08 Jan 2019 11:01am