Stormwater Network

Stormwater is excess rainfall or water that doesn't soak into the ground. Stormwater includes rainwater off the roof and water that runs off hard surfaces, driveways and streets into the gutter.

Council needs to control stormwater to protect our community's health and safety and minimise property damage and access. Adequate collection and disposal arrangements are of critical importance and the flood prevention focus is important.

Council is involved in the following key functions with regards to stormwater:

  • Management of stormwater systems (mostly in urban residential areas), including public open drains.
  • Flood prevention, including maintaining urban watercourses.

Note: Council has a minor Flood Protection responsibility in that it puts floodgates in place in specific locations when levels in the Grey River reach a specific height.

Council's approach to managing stormwater is detailed in the Annual Plan and Long Term Plan.  

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